Exam Time – What do these questions really mean?

A large number of exams use the following words. Do your students really know what they are being asked to do. This list is worth a quick look.
(Definition. – to find out what something is made up of by identifying its constituent parts)
(Definition – transitive verb to examine two or more people or things in order to discover similarities and differences between them)
(Definition – to compare different things or arrange them in a way that highlights their differences, or be markedly different when compared with something)
Criticism not only means giving your opinion, but it also means discussing and examining what you know about it.
(Definition – transitive verb to state or describe something exactly)
(Definition – to give an account of something by giving details of its characteristics)
(Definition – to consider a topic in speaking or writing)
This keyword is often thrown into essay questions all the time. This word entails: debating the pros and cons; comparing and contrasting; giving a detailed account
(Definition – transitive and intransitive verb to give an account of something with enough clarity and detail to be understood by somebody else)
(Definition – transitive verb to establish the truth or existence of something by providing evidence or argument)
Imagine you are a lawyer. Think of objections and shoot them down.
(Definition – transitive verb to find or show a connection between two or more people or things)
(Definition – to express something in spoken or written words,) this means you must explain it well.

(Definition – to give a shortened version of something that has been said or written, stating its main points )

(Definition – transitive and intransitive verb to follow or show the course or series of developments of something, or be able to be followed back in time or to a source )

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