How Can I get a Job?

Further to my brief post on Friday, I have been searching around campus today. What do we offer to assist you in your quest for an academic position?
Well let me introduce you to Robin Whittall, career advisor with the Advising and Involvement Centre. She can be reached at 807-8828 or by email
Here is an example of what you can find on their website.

What Can I do with my Major?
Resources that connect UBC majors with potential careers:

You’ll see some ideas as to where the degree could go and also note the professional association links.  Get involved in a workshop or conference—an excellent opportunity to meet people and to see what’s going on (or offer to volunteer to help the organizers!).
Decode job titles: Once you identify interesting job titles, look them up.  See Explore Options and ask yourself if these jobs utilize tasks, skills and interests you have enjoyed (or not!) in past experiences:
These links provide information about what the job entails, what the job prospects look like, and an estimate of salary level.  See in particular and the U.S.A. ONET site If you know your Holland code (to left) then you can do an Advanced Search in the ONET by Interest to find jobs that value similar interests to yours!

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