Time to write a Teaching Statement

A teaching statement is important and useful in two ways.
Firstly, it will demand that you reflect clearly, in pedagogical terms, your approaches to teaching and how students learn.
Secondly, teaching statements are becoming a vital component of both faculty hiring and tenure processes. A teaching statement is a personal narrative that includes your beliefs about teaching and learning as well as concrete examples of how these are reflected in your practice. For an interview one or two pages is appropriate.  For tenure purposes you may wish to include more.

A Teaching Statement can address any or all of the following:

  • Your perception of how students learn
  • A description of how your teaching facilitates student learning
  • Evidence of how you teach that reflects your beliefs
  • A synopsis of your goals and the expectations you have for students
  • How your teaching strategies exemplify your beliefs
  • What means you like to use to demonstrate that student learning had occurred to the level you expect
  • An explanation of how you create an inclusive learning environment
  • A short outline regarding your plans to stay current and to experiment with new techniques and materials.

For a more in-depth discussion visit the McGraw Princeton Library

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