Innovations in Teaching and Learning Research Grant.

STLHE and 3M Canada are proud to announce a unique new undergraduate award–The 3M National Student Fellowships–awarding $5,000 to ten full-time Canadian college and undergraduate university students to recognize their outstanding leadership qualities and achievements in advancing student learning. “The Student Fellowship” is the first in Canada to build community among visionary student leaders whose voices will shape tomorrow’s future in post-secondary education.

The Fellowship builds on a 27-year partnership between 3M Canada and STLHE and marks an exciting beginning for students across Canada to distinguish themselves as part of a unique learning community. “In addition to providing students with some much needed and well-deserved financial support, we are very enthusiastic about the possibilities that come with involving students in the conversation around improving the quality of post-secondary education in Canada”, said Chip Allan, Executive Director, 3M Canada Corporate Marketing and Public Affairs.

The Fellowship is open to full-time, college and undergraduate university students. Candidates must have completed at least one full-time semester of study; however, they cannot apply during the final year of their degrees or diplomas.

Each of the ten winners:

. Receives a $5,000 award to be spent at the discretion of the recipient.

. Joins other award winners (their cohort) and the Program Coordinator at the STLHE annual conference . Has the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with their cohort on issues that matter to them . Develops, if they so choose, a collaborative project to enhance teaching and learning at the post-secondary level.

Submission Deadline
The deadline for the inaugural round of applications is January 7, 2012.
For more information
Detailed criteria and application procedures are available at:

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