Pop Quizzez, An Alternative

“Tools for Excellence” (brochures produced by the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Professors use POP quizzes for a number of reasons. When students habitually arrive late for early morning classes, the POP quiz is a way of ensuring attendance. Some instructors become frustrated with the lack of assigned reading that is being done. Again a POP quiz is a way of increasing the participation in text book study. Whatever the reason, the POP quiz is universally unpopular.

POP quizzes are usually unannounced quizzes given every two or three weeks. They may have as few as five questions and count as some percentage of the final grade achieved by the student. Whether POP quizzes are used in the traditional manor or, as suggested here, there must be clear communication between instructor and students as to their purpose and frequency.

Can POP quizzes become positive opportunities for students yet still accomplish the outcomes discussed above.  More

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