Student Research Society (Executive Call Out)

As the end of the 2012 winter semester approaches everything this year begins to seem a little more final and for some it means the end of UBCO academia. For the Student Research Society (SRS), this means that we must begin breathing new life into the society. This is a call-out to all students that are interested in becoming a part of the future of the SRS.

The Student Research Society is one of the fastest growing organizations on campus.
We have been active on campus since 2009. We are a society of UBC Okanagan students from varying disciplines that are looking to widen the breadth and opportunity of research related knowledge for the student populace. If you’re an undergraduate interested in interdisciplinary research opportunities and want a chance to meet faculty WE WANT YOU! The SRS is focused on: “Informing, inspiring, and empowering students to expand their education through research.

If you think you are interested in being an active member or even an executive member of the SRS in 2012/13 then see the perks, the guidelines and positions available in the attached document.


  • Please state why you are interested in being a member of the SRS.
  • Tell us your year, major,
  • Position(s) desired (list in order of most desired to least desired that you may be interested in applying for).
  • Tell us why you believe that you would be good for the position you are applying for and how you see yourself participating in the SRS activities.

Please be sure to respond with your application by Sunday, March 18th, 2012 by midnight.

If there are any questions, please contact us a

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