I do not have any experience with this site nor can I vouch for its authenticity, however, on the surface it looks as if it might be useful. There were a number of spelling mistakes in the original which is always a ‘red flag’.

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We are pleased to inform you about our News Portal for International Scholarships / Financial Aid News – is an initiative to highlight or simply provide information about scholarships available across the Globe. We try to update this website on regular basis and all types of scholarships, financial aid information is posted for the convenience of the viewers. The scholarships are categorised in Government, NGO’s / Trusts and Corporate Scholarships. It is also categorised according to the level of education like Undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD / Doctorate and Post Doctoral Scholarships.

At , we will be glad to have your feedback about this Scholarships Portal. We will welcome your press releases, stories, reports, articles, advertisements on this website. Our immediate interest will be your little time to see if we have been able to offer something really worth your time.

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