Moving to your Career

There is some good advice in this article:

Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture such as a desk, book shelf or TV stand?  You know, the kind of furniture that comes in a very compact, very heavy box with a billion pieces, a 200-page instruction manual, and requires only a Phillips head screwdriver?  Some assembly required reads the box.  I’m laughing as I type this because I found myself in this very situation recently.  I finished the assembly in what seemed like fifteen hours (it might have been…I blacked out for a bit) and may or may not have had a few extra screws when I was done.

Some assembly required.  That got me thinking…

Those three words resonated with me as I thought about my career.  In fact, the concept can be applied to anyone.  Everyone’s career has some assembly required.  We have to make the choice to build something, work towards a goal.  (More)

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