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Motivation The above link from Carl Weiman’s resource lists, provides some excellent ideas on how important motivation is, and some suggestions you can incorporate into your TA teaching. Advertisements

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Midpoint Feedback

Instructors are encouraged to gather feedback from their students mid-way through the course or even earlier in order to assess how the students are feeling about their learning opportunities, the course materials, the instructional decisions, etc. This allows the instructor … Continue reading

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Carl Wieman’s Guide to Your Active Learning Classroom

C. Wieman 6/5/16   (This is to apply to modest size class, 6 to 80 or so, where students can work in groups, with the instructor circulating around them, often with TA helping.) Activity design (assuming worksheet) Is goal of … Continue reading

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20 Lessons Millennials should Learn by Age 25

Here’s an interesting list worth your time. 20 Lessons Millennials Should Learn by Age 25 The savvy Intern frequently has interesting suggestions, you might want to add it to your RSS feeds.

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