UBC Okanagan campus Provost’s Award for Teaching Assistants & Tutors

A.   Purpose
This award recognizes exceptional undergraduate and graduate student teaching assistants and tutors for their contributions to academic life at UBC’s Okanagan campus.

B.   Award
Each year up to six awards consisting of a $500 cash prize and a certificate of recognition will be awarded.

C.  Criteria
This award is given to individuals who have demonstrated skills, abilities, and contributions that result in a high level of respect from students and academic or course supervisors, in several of the following categories:

  1. Knowledgeable
    Demonstrates a broad knowledge of the field, good command of course material, and the ability to help students actively learn new knowledge, skills, and perspectives.
    Explains facts or information clearly and logically Exhibits excellent organizational skills
  1. Collegial
    Evidence of working in a collegial manner with students, faculty supervisors, and graduate teaching assistant colleagues.
    Is accessible and responsive, providing support and guidance in a collegial manner
  1. Effective
    Demonstrates high standards, good listening skills, and ethics.
    Is enthusiastic and demonstrates interest in the subject, cultivates student curiosity, and engages and motivates students
    Provides constructive feedback and works to improve the learning environment Demonstrates leadership to other TAs and/or students

D.   Nomination Procedure

1)  Eligibility
This award is open to any undergraduate or graduate teaching assistant or tutor at UBC’s Okanagan campus who acts or has acted in this position during the current and/or preceding academic year.

2)  Nominations
Nominations are encouraged by Supervisors (professors, senior laboratory instructors, Academic Resource Centre staff) of the teaching assistant/tutor, colleagues working closely with the nominee, and students who attended the nominee’s class, laboratory, or tutoring session are encouraged to submit nominations. TA’s and tutors may not apply for the Award on their own behalf.
Nominators must provide the following in their nomination package:
Letter of nomination that addresses the TA or tutor’s suitability with the criteria listed in section C (above)
Letter of support from the course instructor or supervisor
Letters of support are deemed crucial in the selection process, thus letters should be objective assessments of the nominee’s suitability for the award
Student evaluations, if available

3) Submission
The Office of the Provost will be responsible for issuing a call for nominations to the Deans of each faculty/school and the AVP Students

Each Dean/the AVP Students is responsible for directing unit/department heads to collect nominations from their respective areas. Nominations should be submitted to the unit/department of the teaching assistant or tutor

Once all nominations are collected by the unit/department head they will submit them to the Dean of their faculty or the AVP Students (for tutors in the Academic Resource Centre)

Each Dean/the AVP Students will review the nominations put forth and may submit up to four nominations from their faculty/academic area to the Office of the Provost for the selection committee to review. The Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences may submit up to six nominations from their faculty.

*Please note that the selection committee will not carry forward unsuccessful nominations to the next competition.

2011 Submission Deadlines:
Call for nominations: December 15, 2010
Collection of nominations by unit/department: December 15 –  February 7, 2010
Submission of all nominations to the Dean of the Faculty/the AVP Students: February 11, 2010
Submission of four selected nominations to the Office of the Provost: February 28, 2010

E.   Administration
The selection committee will be chaired by the Provost and may include past award recipients, along with members drawn from faculty, staff, and students who will adjudicate the award based on the criteria. The committee will only consider nominations deemed eligible and complete.



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