Volunteering for Research Forum

Hello everyone,
This is Quinn here. The SRS was contacted by the Associate Dean Research, Hiltrud Vogler, to pass along the message about the URA conference that will be taking place on April 4th. They are looking for people to volunteer throughout the day.

Last year, I along with several other students had the opportunity to volunteer and I highly recommend the experience. It was a low stress volunteer position, and it gives you the opportunity to participate in the research activity on campus. I had the chance to look at many of the posters and talk to the presenters about their research (super cool). Also, I was able (because I am a Psychology major) to also be a “room attendant” for the Psychology Oral presentations, which gave me an intense amount of knowledge about the type of research that is happening here on campus in my field, as well as what students are doing for research and which professors they are working with. Personally the experience gave me a better sense of what to expect if/when I receive a URA and have to do a presentation!

So, for all of those of you who currently hold a URA for this summer or are hoping to have one int he future I highly recommend this.

Below are the forwarded schedule, itinerary and details from the message that the SRS was sent.
In the attached document you need to fill out which times and duties that you are interested in and send them into to Hiltrud Vogler(
hiltrud.vogler@ubc.ca) if you are interested.

Our 7th Undergraduate Research Conference is coming up and we will need volunteers throughout the day.  I have attached a draft schedule where times and activities are listed with space for students who wish to sign up.

We are aware that students may not be able to cover the full time of each activity; if we can find another student(s) who will share that’s fine too.

We offer a free lunch from 12 -1pm in the UNC200 ballroom as thank you to the volunteers.

Time Activity Venue Volunteers Names Times
9:00am – 11 am receive oral presentations and load up on laptops. One laptop for each room ASC II 414 needs to  be computer savvy    
10:45 – 11:00 am for poster presenters- Fipke Research Centre Grand Foyer stick around for support through the poster session    
  Posting of posters on designated boards  (see poster list below) table  is set up for poster presenters and judges check in collect evaluations from judges and drop them off  in ASC II 414    
Pre-meeting for Judges Fipke Research Centre      
(package pick-up) for poster presentation judges Grand Foyer at the table help with the pick-up of evaluation packages upon instructions from Moragh    
11:00 am – Poster presentations Fipke Research Centre Being around for support for presenters and judges    

12:30 PM

  Grand  Foyer – presenters attending at least 90 minutes      
12:00 – 1:00 pm
at lunch for Oral Judges (pkg pick-up) or at oral presentation rooms
LUNCHEON  UNC 200 Ball Room volunteers are invited;

we need 1 volunteer though for checking guests who have RSVP-ed when they come in

Welcome by the Dean
Cynthia Mathieson
For Presenters, Judges, and hosts        
1:00 – 1:20 pm Set up time for Oral presentations ASC II 271/273 Oral presentation rooms
FIPKE 244/249
Help with setting up lap tops and uploading remaining presentations according to schedule (if presenters did not load up in the morning)    
1:20 – 2:20 pm Oral presentations ASC II – 271/ 273 and

FIPKE 244/249

One person per room (we have 4) for support for presenters or judges – Bring evaluations to ASC 414    
BREAK  2:20 – 2:30pm          
2:30 – 3:30pm Oral presentations ASC II – 271/ 273 and

FIPKE 244/249

One person per room (we have 4) for support for presenters or judges – Bring evaluations to ASC 414    
3:00 PM Take Down of Poster presentations FIP Research Centre Help and support with taking down the posters    
    Grand Foyer      
4:00 pm – TENTATIVE Awards Presentation Fipke Research Centre    
    Grand  Foyer THANK YOU    

Hiltrud M. Vogler
Assistant  to Dr. Louise Nelson
Associate Dean Research
The University of British Columbia Okanaga
Phone  250-807-9529


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