What Recruiters really want to see on your LinkedIn account

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Nederlands: Linked In icon

Nederlands: Linked In icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While I am not the authority on LinkedIn by any means, I have spent a lot of time looking for candidates on it (for many real, open roles at amazing companies) and I know what I like to see. So here it is… what recruiters really want to see on your LinkedIn: by Jaime Petkanics

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Giving Students Feedback

At the excellent seminar offered by grad students Andrea Hyde and Menno Salverda; TA’s were asking about motivation and dealing with students who had not done the readings. This article seeks to address this question. I like the card suggestion.


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20 Lessons Millennials Should Learn by Age 25

Here’s an interesting list worth your time.
20 Lessons Millennials Should Learn by Age 25
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The above link from Carl Weiman’s resource lists, provides some excellent ideas on how important motivation is, and some suggestions you can incorporate into your TA teaching.

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Midpoint Feedback

Instructors are encouraged to gather feedback from their students mid-way through the course or even earlier in order to assess how the students are feeling about their learning opportunities, the course materials, the instructional decisions, etc. This allows the instructor to make changes or adaptations to the routines or strategies used to increase student success. Midpoint feedback also demonstrates to your students that you care about their learning and want them to succeed. More



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